Tobacco 3 Variety Pack Blend SEED PACK 1 gram of seeds


3 PACKS OF 100 Seeds



  • Black Sea Samsun originated in the Samsun region of Turkey near the Black Sea.
  • Prized for rich flavor and aroma, but yet mild to smoke.
  • It matures in 65-70 days and is often sun cured.
  • An excellent blend for cigarettes or pipes, or on its own.


Virginia Gold
Virginia Gold is a well known heirloom variety dating back well over 50 years. It grows to a height of 6′-7′ with low suckering. The light green leaves are from 14″ to 18″ wide and 24″ to 30″ long, and turn a light yellow when ripe. The plants produce an average of 18 leaves per plant below the crows foot, with yields averaging 3 oz of dried leaf per plant. Matures in 55 days.
Tennessee Burley #TN90
This is a standard Tennessee Burley that produces good yield, high quality tobacco that is favored for cigarettes. This plant has multiple disease resistance. A vigorous plant that is easy to grow.